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Here at Tesoro not only do we satisfy demands, but we exceed expectations. Handled by experts; hand-picked by Artisans.

Created to support a lifestyle for those who treasure their health, our exclusive club has One core objective: to forever alter our members path to eating highly beneficial foods that enhance their well-being and quality of life.
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As you know, all olive oil is not created equally. Not. even. CLOSE. So what’s our mission?! To put a halt to all the adulterated, processed, blended, B.S that our global market is over-saturated with.

When it comes to the superfoods, consuming the best of the best only expedites the wonders. The sooner you taste it, the sooner you’ll radiate. Our concentrated essence is the  purest of the purest .  From the moment our olives are picked to the time it’s pressed, our impeccable attention to detail guarantees our masterpiece is undeniably unrivalled.

If you don’t know about the process, it’s simple to be fooled by most companies that advertise their EVOO as the better option. Little did you know most are blended with much lesser quality, multi-variety olives sourced and refined from several locations.

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Did you know a company could place 51% of old EVOO, cut it with lesser oil, and still claim it as Extra virgin?!?! Crazy right.
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According to the University
of Puglia study

Extra virgin olive oil loses 60% of its medicinal properties after 6 months. What does that mean? That the average blended “extra virgin” olive oil in the typical supermarket is already 3-5 years old… so there are absolutely zero benefits.

Our unparalleled quality tops all the inferior
concentrates available in the U.S, guaranteed. 

Why Us?

Let’s take a deeper dive.


Olives are Picked

In the most impeccable condition; thoroughly analyzed one by one.


Our magic is created and immediately bottled up in our premium food grade stainless steel containers.

press machine

Taken to our cold press machine where it retains all of it's properties.


Shipped directly to our members to recieve the upmost benefits.

Our concentrated essence retains ALL of it’s natural antioxidants and vitamins which is often lost during processing in average adulterated products.

Our treasure not only has a high content of monounsaturated fats that lower bad LDL cholesterol and omega-9 fatty acids, but it also reduces blood pressure AND improves heart health.

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Refined olive oils undergo a second production after pressing. The refining process will often include the presence of heat or chemicals. Some refined olive oils introduce other types of vegetable oils into the mix as well, resulting in an overall lower-quality oil with all nutrients stripped out.


Unrefined olive oils are produced without any chemical or heat extraction processes and are thus higher in quality. The olives and resulting oil may be washed, filtered, and decanted, but that’s it!


Cold-pressed is the least refined and most natural process in olive oil production. As such, cold-pressed oils will be much higher in quality.

What’s in it for members?

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